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Welcome Followers!

It seems I’ve gotten a few new followers in the past weeks, so I wanted to make a little something to properly introduce myself. Whether you’ve found me through a convention, my comics, or just trolling YouTuber tags, welcome to my humble art blag!

Zero’s Heroes and How We Stay Sane @ Work are my 2 webcomics. One is a superhero comedy while the other is powered by reader’s bad job stories. I try to post WIP shots throughout the week and reminders on update days.

When I’m not drawing/coloring comics I watch too much YouTube and enjoy magical girls, Minecraft, and Night Vale, among other things. I have a fandom blog, but I haven’t properly logged on in months for fear Tumblr’s bright terrible light will entrance me for 24 straight hours. However I do tend to fav things I see on my dash, so twist your eyeballs slightly to the right if you’d like to view them.

If you like my work please consider buying a print or commissioning me!

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